Roby Thermo & Lighting - Support Documents 

To ensure a successful launch, we've provided many of the documentation and on-boarding materials you'll need below.  


Explore our enterprise documentation and on-boarding materials.



Pre-Sale materials provide helpful information you need to make an informed decision, from product comparisons to use cases, in an easy to share format. 

Enterprise Brochure
Comparison Chart
Pricing Model
Book A Demo

Getting Started

The Getting Started with Roby Thermo & Lighting documents take you step-by-step through the installation process and lays the groundwork for many of the essential support tasks you’ll perform.

Getting Started With Roby
Quick Installation Overview
Frequently Asked Questions
Deployment Report Example

User & Rollout Resources

Rollout Resources provide you and your team everything you may need to execute a success launch in your building and encourage end-user adoption.

Roby Rollout Kit
Occupant Introduction Video
Occupant Announcement Template
Building Signage Template
Teams Signage Template
Slack Signage Template

Technical & Security Documents

For our technically minded users, Roby provides you with all the documentation you need to integrate with our functionality and address security concerns.

Installation Guide & System Overview
Data Requirements Template
Acceptable Use Policy
Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

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