Lighting controls for a touchless workplace

Monitor, manage and control lighting systems conveniently – anytime, anywhere by personal device or voice.

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Touchless Lighting Controls

Roby rapidly reconfigures with existing systems, like Alexa and Microsoft Teams, to promote social distancing—while reducing the instances in which you need to touch lighting controls.


Optimize Environmental Settings

Roby handles conflicting requests and automatically adjust to the optimal settings.

Get Insightful Information

Receive complete analytics of employees' touchless lighting requests to provide insights for support and facility teams.


How It Works

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Step 1

Roby works with your existing system and doesn’t require any servers or a dedicated IP network for a fast, frictionless install in as little as two days.

Step 2

Make climate requests with the tools you already use, like Alexa or Microsoft Teams. Simply say, "Roby, It's too dark", and he'll take care of the rest.

Step 3

Logon to your admin portal anytime to gain insightful information from employees and a more complete understanding building operations.

Returning to work? 

Whether you're upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, Roby is here to help you create a touchless workplace.

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Roby is a Techstars 2018 company. Our mission is to create an engaged, productive and happy workplace for our customers by making their operation efficient, simple and personalized.


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