Contactless & secure visitor management.

Create a safe check-in process using Roby for Microsoft Team. 

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Help protect your facilities, employees, and visitors amid COVID-19.

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Stop the spread

Give your employees and guests peace of mind with a completely contact-free check in procedure.

Stay compliant 

Access real-time reports of visitors across all your office locations from the admin portal. Know who's in your building and comply with capacity regulations. 


Eliminate the back and forth of visitor sign-in. Roby Receptionist syncs to your Microsoft Teams account so you will be notified the moment your guest arrives.

How It Works

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Step 1

After updating your iPad with the latest iOS update, navigate to the web dashboard to Settings > Receptionist. In here, you will find the option to connect your receptionist calendar.

Step 2 

Create a meeting invite with your Roby Receptionist email address included as an attendee.

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Step 3

When a visitor arrives, they simply need to press the call button to sign-in and communicate with their host who can respond directly through Microsoft Teams. No contact required!

Returning to work? 

Whether you're upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, Roby is here to help you create a touchless workplace.

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