Touchless climate controls for the modern workplace

Monitor, manage and control building climate systems conveniently – anytime, anywhere by personal device or voice.

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How Roby can help

Touchless Comfort Controls

Roby connects echo devices with your building's climate systems for completely hands-free temperature control. 


Optimize Environmental Settings

When the Roby detects conflicting temperate requests, it automatically adjusts to the optimal setting, keeping the room temperature at a comfortable level with minimal consumption or disruption.

Gain Building Insights

View complete analytics of employees' heating and cooling requests to provide insights for support and facility teams.

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How It Works

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Step 1

Roby works with your existing system and doesn’t require any servers or a dedicated IP network for a fast, frictionless install in as little as two days.

Step 2

Make climate requests with the tools you already use, like Alexa or Microsoft Teams. Simply say, "Roby, It's too hot", and he'll take care of the rest. 

Step 3

Logon to your admin portal anytime to gain insightful information from employees and a more complete understanding building operations.

Returning to work? 

Whether you're upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, Roby is here to help you create a touchless workplace.

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