Create a safe place to work with touchless office technology

Roby transforms any office into a healthy workplace with touchless solutions that scale from small teams to enterprises.


Create a safe environment for employees


  • Reduce touchpoints for building access, comfort controls and communal spaces, so you can stop the spread of germs.
  • Create a visibly safe workplace that instills confidence in employees and visitors.
  • Automate new processes & workplace requirements for quick, smooth adoption.

Find a touchless solution that's right for you.

Roby helps you safely return to work with touchless sign-in, room booking, voice enabled building controls, and more workplace safety tools. 


Visitor sign-in

First impressions matter. Roby Receptionist creates a welcoming environment and protects visitors and employees with contactless sign-in.

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HVAC controls

Roby Thermo makes is easy for anyone to control their office climate via voice or personal device and gives you insights to manage your usage and budget.

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Room booking

Roby Meetings streamlines room booking by automatically showing you the best spaces based on availability, capacity, and cleanliness.

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Lighting controls

Roby Lighting allows you to adjust the lights in your workplace without ever touching a switch or shared screen and uses AI to optimize energy usage. 

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Building insights

Access real-time reports to monitor energy usage, building capacity and visitor flow from one effortless interface. 


No new apps

Roby works with the tools you already use, like Alexa, Slack and Microsoft Teams, for effortless adoption.


Simple & fast setup

Doesn’t require any servers or a dedicated IP network for a fast, frictionless install in as little as two days.

Returning to work? 

Whether you're upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, Roby is here to help you create a touchless workplace.

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Roby is a Techstars 2018 company. Our mission is to create an engaged, productive and happy workplace for our customers by making their operation efficient, simple and personalized.


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